*Featured upcoming engagement opportunities*
To help educate people around the globe with the "101" information about asteroid hunting, NASA is sponsoring the Asteroid Grand Challenge Seminar Series throughout early 2014. These seminars will also be recorded and archived.

NASA will host an opportunities forum on March 26, 2014 at NASA Headquarters to continue the discussion on both the mission and the Grand Challenge. This forum is open to industry, academia and interested individuals. In it, NASA will provide an update on asteroid initiative activities, including new opportunities for engagement.


A Grand Challenge to "Find All Asteroid Threats To Human Populations And Know What To Do About Them"
Initial Brainstorming Wiki to Explore Ideas for Accelerating and Expanding the Global Effort to Protect our Planet from Asteroid Threats with the Interested Community


The purpose of this document is to capture the co-created implementation planning for the Asteroid Grand Challenge from the global community over time. Several pieces of information are contained in this wiki (color coded) including:
  • Background
  • Key questions to be explored by the community
  • Sample success criteria that could be used over time to assess global progress towards to ultimate goal to find all asteroid threats to human populations and know what to do about them
  • Example initiatives led by NASA or community members to address parts of the overall initiative

NASA plans to hold forums for other important topics to the Grand Challenge, for example:
  • The Role of Science Fiction and Hollywood in public perception and engagement
  • The economics of planetary defense
  • Ground based and space based observation partnerships
  • International partnerships for planetary defense

The ideas, background, important questions, and sample near-term success metrics in preparation for and resulting from those discussions will be incorporated into this wiki over time.

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